What makes a hair stick, stick?

I have long hair and I like to wear it up. Over the years I have bought many hair sticks. Some were too long and stuck out too far, some were beautiful but slippery or too heavy and fell out, which defeats the whole purpose. You don't want to have to stop and redo your hair all day long. I discovered wood carving and began making my own. I continue to enjoy exploring this seemingly simple art form.

I make them out of all kinds of wood that turns up in my studio. Friends drop off branches, chunks of all sorts  like cedar, cherry, pear, iron wood, and lately black bamboo. It turns out a lot of materials can be made into great hair sticks. Each type of wood suggests a form and has a unique texture which is challenging and fun.

The texture, weight and length of hair varies a great deal and the techniques of securing hair are endless. There may not be a type that works for everyone but I will continue to experiment. 

Where I create, there I am true.
— Rainer Maria Rilke